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September 3, 2021

Hat hooks to look after your special head gear

A valuable hat needs special care and the last thing you want to do is to hang it on a traditional pointed coat hook. Not only can a narrow hook leave unsightly marks or cause a hat to become misshapen, but a broken metal hook (and I’m sure we’ve all seen plenty of these) can tear fabric and puncture holes in leather.

The I Hook Max hat hook has been designed with all of this in mind. Its 80mm (3 inches) wide top supports the hat across the base of the crown, which means that it won’t cause damage. It’s modern design is easy to clean and has no sharp edges or corners. The I Hook Max  is safe, tough, functional, good looking and affordable

A hat hook to fit any colour scheme

The I Hook Max has more than 400 combinations to choose from so matching your colour scheme, brand or team colours is easy. We’ve also put together a range of on-trend colour combinations to get you started.

Whether you are looking for subtle neutral tones or a punchy stand-out statement, there’s a colour combination to suit your organisation, place of work or home.

We think you’ll never need a different hat hook

Of course The I Hook Max isn’t just a hat hook. It’s great as a coat hook or bag hook too and is part of a family of products from Safehook  – all of which have the following benefits:

  • The I Hook Max is UV stabilised, making it suitable for indoor or outdoor use
  • Holds a hefty 150kg.
  • Includes anti microbial additives help protect against viruses and bacteria.
  • We even provide the fixing screws.
  • If you’re worried they won’t last? We offer a 20 year guarantee.

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