Better and safer coat hooks for Schools

September 3, 2021

Ouch! Old-fashioned coat and bag hooks can be a real pain

School coat hooks aren’t something which teachers or school business managers think about often, but if you do it’s probably because something has gone wrong.

Keeping pupils safe is your first concern, but although traditional metal coat hooks have been used for many years, they have inbuilt problems. Firstly, they can protrude from walls at a dangerous angle which means that children can be hurt if they bump into them. Traditional hooks can also break easily and when they do are a menace to clothing and skin alike.

Plastic but boring

Of course you can buy simple plastic hooks which don’t have sharp edges, but they don’t exactly set the world on fire. At Safehook, we thought we could do better. We wanted school coat hooks and bag hooks which were as safe as they could be, did their job exceptionally well and were actually fun and  interesting.

An I Hook to talk about

Our answer is the I Hook from Safehook. There’s absolutely nothing like it. Its clean modern design is safe, tough, functional, good looking and affordable

I Hook Cool 2

Let’s talk about safety.

  • The I Hook has a shallow profile with smooth rounded corners to minimise injury
  • It is UV stabilised – suitable for indoor or outdoor use
  • Can carry 150kg
  • Has anti microbial additives to help protect against viruses and bacteria
  • Easy to clean
  • We provide the correct fixing screws for wall mounting

Be bold, be fun, be colourful

We wanted teachers and children to have coat hooks which are fun as well as functional and with I Hook there are more than 400 colour combinations to choose from. You can match to practically any colour scheme – your school colours or logo, team colours or match up with a new room refurbishment.

We know that I Hooks get people talking. Join the conversation
I Hook Colour Palette

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